Wednesday, August 10

Boots on the Beach

It is our last week in Tahoe and I am trying to take in as much as I can. Lake Tahoe is a very active place. Weather you are hiking, camping, wake-boarding, or just taking in the sites, people are always out an about. Through out the past couple of weeks I have opted for either boots or flats, being that we do a fair amount of exploring. Waring my army boots was a low maintenance high style way to continue with all Tahoe activities, while making a super girly white skirt look more tough. Pairing a quarter length sweater with a long skirt was great for the chilly Tahoe night. 


1 comment:

  1. Cute, cute! I need to visit this place already! BTW - Love the boots. I've been trying to find some like these since spring, but haven't had any luck.


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