Friday, May 25


I am an avid user of Instagram. This boarders obsession.  I love being able to document small snapshots throughout my day. Every Friday, I will be posting my weekly rundown of Instagram photos. Here is a collection of this past week.

Lazy days at the beach 

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Happy Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 23

Russian Tea Cake

Cookies are one of my favorite deserts. They are simple, small, and easy to make. The Russian Tea Cake , specifically, is one of my favorites. While these yummy treats are usually made around Christmas time, their light and fluffy texture made for a perfect afternoon snack. Not to mention, they are Drew's favorite cookie. I know these wont't last long in our house. Yum. I am all about fail proof recipes and {this} one is just that. 

XO- Sarah 

Monday, May 21

Happy Camper

 Last summer my family went camping in the Lassen National Forest. Okay, maybe not "camping" as some would define it. We went set up camp right outside of my Dads RV, but none the less it was camping. This weekend my dad's side of the family is gearing up for a camping road trip. They will start in the beautiful Lake Tahoe, make their way to San Francisco, down the California coast, to my front door in Los Angeles . I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend of sunshine and shopping.  Meanwhile, here is my idealized view of what camping should look like, style, accessories and all. 

XO -Sarah 

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