Hi! My name is Sarah Newman. I created White Like Sage to share the things that both inspire and cause me joy. White Like Sage is a blend of Fashion, Food, Personal Style, Travel and other sources of inspiration. This blog is also dedicated to sharing my life and the people I love. 

My Husband Drew and I are have been married for almost four years. He is such and inspiration and encouragement in my life. He is a musician and plays drums in IVES the band. Please feel free to check out their music {here} . I know you will love it.  We currently have one pup named Teddy. He is a crazy little Shistzu- maltase that I am convinced is half ewok. About six months ago Drew and I moved to the beautiful Los Angeles. It has been so fun to explore our new city and we cant wait to take you along on the adventure. 

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy White Like Sage

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