Wednesday, August 31

Get the Look

1. Plain White Tee: Net-A-Portter $35
2. Black Sunglasses: Nordstrom  $155
3. Layered Sheer Sweater: The Outnet $84
4. Black Blazer: The Outnet $101
5. Tan Lace up Boots: $69
6. Studded Bag- 
Actual Burberry Bag in Photo {Here} $1,317
7. Maroon Denim: YOOX $35



Tuesday, August 30

Fresh From the Garden

Growing up our family had chickens, goats and a beautiful vegetable garden. It was basically a small farm. Every once and a while we would wake up saturday morning, get a hot chocolate and head to the Corrales Farmers Market. At the farmers market we would sell a verity of goods such as tomatoes, green beens and eggs. Having these memories, I developed a fondness of going to local farmers markets. On Saturday I went to the Temecula Valley Farmers Market. The Temecula area is known for  its avocados; so naturally, I found plenty of avocado based goods. My favorite? Avocado Honey from the Temecula Valley Honey Company. I also picked up some fresh flowers and an interesting new fruit called Pluots. They taste like a mixture between plumbs and peaches. I'm thinking about using them in a fall sangria I want to make. 


Monday, August 29

Taste the Rainbow

Fruit is one of the foods near the top of the nutrition pyramid that I don't mind eating. It is refreshing, sweet and I eat it all through out the day.  When I saw {THIS} recipe I was super excited because, not only was it a beautiful presentation but, it combined all my favorite fruit.  This is a very easy recipe. Actually, it is so easy I wouldn't even call it a recipe. You can use any fruit that corresponds to each color of the rainbow. I used; red, raspberry; orange, orange; yellow, pineapple; green, kiwi; blue, blueberry; purple, grape. It is a perfect dish for a brunch or fondue party. I paired greek yogurt and honey with these fruit-kabobs for a delicious breakfast. 


Friday, August 26

Tie Die Face Lift

Usually when I think of Tie-Die I think of a couple of things. First, the 60s and 70s, obviously. Second, those really cheep, colorful hippy costumes one purchases at Party City or a costume store. While I love the style in the 60's and 70's, the hippy costumes... not so much. Regrettably, i'm pretty sure I can dig up a picture or two from junior high sporting a costume like this.  I love the new, revamped, modern tie-die seen here. The simplicity and minimalistic color pallet makes tie-die a must have for fall.  I paired a long cotton skirt and knotted tope platforms. 

In other new, TGIF. Do you guys have any special plans this weekend? I want to extend a very Happy Birthday to Kyle, a close friend of Drew and I. 


Thursday, August 25

Pocket Purse

My mother-in-law, or mother-in-love, is one of the most creative people I know. Not only is she a painter, but she also has an incredible gift of taking everyday objects and turning them in to unique pieces of art. Her most recent creation are these amazing denim cross-body purses. The body of each purse is made from gently used denim jeans and various other  recycled materials. They are 100% recycled, durable, and super cute. These crafty purses are a great idea for old or worn out denim. Please go to her website {HERE} to purchase and  see more of her wonderful creations.

Thank you to Lauren, my Brother-in-law's beautiful girlfriend, for posing for these pictures.


These little hula-girls are another super cute creation of my mother-in-law. They are made from dresser knobs. They are a perfect for little cake or cup cake toppers. 

Wednesday, August 24

1. Blue and Purple Tie Die- Liberty London 
2. Mustard Yellow- Opening Ceremony 
3. Boots- N.Y.LA Shoes
4. Carmel Faux Aligator Clutch- Vivre
5. Long Skirts and Pleats- Rag & Bone
6. Blazers- H&M
7. Leather- Helmut Lang
8.  Leopard Flats and Heals- Zara
9.  Deep Hew Polish Colors- Scotch Nails 
10.  Faux Fur Hat- H&M
11. Polka-Dots: Tom Scott

Tuesday, August 23

Breakfast Quiche

There is something about breakfast quiche that is so refined yet so simple. Breakfast quiche seams fancy but it is actually super easy to make. Drew and I have a tradition of getting up early saturday mornings, making a huge breakfast and watching HGTV. Quite often a dangerous tradition because we get inspired to change everything in our house. Not necessarily because it needs it, but driven by pure creativity. I made this quiche last saturday. It is one of those recipes, like  pizza, where you can add or take away ingredients as you please. I found the recipe {Here}. There is a great recipe for gluten free crust also listed. I added a sprinkle of bacon bits. If you have a deep tart pan you may need to use a few extra eggs. The recipe calls for five. I used seven. In total this recipe took under 45 minutes including cook time. It was perfect for our lazy saturday morning. 


Monday, August 22

Mellow Yellow

It's Monday! I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and soot some pictures in our back yard. Since we have been out of town this summer, it is nice to put it to use before it gets rainy and cold (which I also happen to love).  I wore some of my favorite wide leg denim, a pair of leopard heals, and this wonderful scarf that belonged to my Nana. She had such great style. I'm still loving and getting used to my new hair color. I love trying new shades of color against the auburn red. This yellow is a winner. This outfit kinda reminds me of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, seen {Here}


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