Thursday, November 10

Get the Look

Being a twenty something I have grown up with Laguna Beach and The Hills on TV. Throughout each series Lauren Conrad has been a constant style icon. Her looks are young and edgy yet refined. Along with platforms {Here}, leather shorts {Here} have been a huge staple for me lately. In this look I love the casual long sleeve tee paired with a structured short. This is the perfect look transitioning in to fall and even winter (maybe with some tights fro winter). 

xo - Sarah 

4. Leather Shorts $65 


  1. she always looks incredible!

  2. What a great look, I love how casual yet chic she looks in this outfit. Lovely take on her outfit.

  3. You got the pieces for the look right to the T. Love it.

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  4. love how you put this together! i love lc's style very simple but stylish and makes a statement

    love kat

  5. That look is amazing! I don't wear leather, but I know that there are some great faux-leather shorts out there. I grew up with Lauren as well. She has been a style icon of mine for years!

  6. I'm glad I found your blog! very cool :)


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