Sunday, November 13

Homemade Walkers Style Shortbread

I am usually a chocolate type of girl but shortbread is one of my favorite cookies. There is something about the buttery crunchy taste I can't resist. I usually make these cookies around christmas time but couldn't wait any longer. I know there are christmas cookies, but is there such thing as a pre-christmas cookie? Well, if it means I get to make shortbread cookies early, the answer is yes! 

I have always been surprised by how little ingredients are involved with making shortbread. With {This} fail proof recipe you will be sure to conquer the (pre-christmas) shortbread cookie... yuuumm!

xo -Sarah

I found these cute diver cookie cutters a few months back but haven't been able to decide what type of cookie to use. When I finished baking the Walkers style shortbread cookies it dawned on me, shortbread it perfect. Shortbread is sturdy, simple and oh so yummy. If you are using cookie cutters make sure to refrigerate the dough for about an hour before cutting. I am so excited these turned out so well. If I ever throw a tea party they will be perfect. 

{Red food coloring for the swimsuits}


  1. These are amazing. These are my favorite types of cookies. Thanks!


  2. Looking forward to baking these! (super cute cookie cutters!!!) thanks Sarah :)

  3. Love the pics of your cookie swimmers about to dive into the teacup...funny.

    xo erica

  4. I love shortbread! This looks so yummy!


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