Wednesday, December 7

Structured Yet Casual

I am basically in love with this top from Zara.  I originally saw it here on Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere. It is one of those pieces that seems underwhelming hanging on the hanger but when worn it is just perfect. It is structured but not constricting. The material has enough weight so it looks more expensive than it actually is. I love this top because it can so easily be dressed up or down. I wore this casual take romping around El Paso Robles the week before thanksgiving. It was cool an a bit rainy so threw on a pair of boots and was ready to go. It can easily be paired with a pencil skirt, heals and a statement necklace (like the ones seen here) for a more formal look.  

XO- Sarah 

Tuesday, December 6

Christmas Freebee

Lets be honest, who doesn't love free music. And even better, free Christmas music. My husband Drew plays in a band called Ives the Band. As and early Christmas present they are giving away their Christmas song for FREE! I am confident you will love it. To download click on the picture above or, {here}. Also, come say hi and like their Facebook page! 

XO -Sarah 

Monday, December 5

Teddy Snacks

My poor puppy. Each time we eat dinner (or any meal for that matter) Teddy looks up with anticipation that just maybe one little scrap will fall. Usually I don’t give in but, lets be honest, how can anyone resist that cute little face. In the quest to break the habit of feeding Teddy from the table we visited Three Dog Bakery. Three Dog Bakery is the perfect place to get yummy treats just for little fido. 3 Dog Bakery not only makes yummy treats specifically for your dog, but also carries a variety of other Canine products. 

XO - Sarah 

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