Tuesday, August 23

Breakfast Quiche

There is something about breakfast quiche that is so refined yet so simple. Breakfast quiche seams fancy but it is actually super easy to make. Drew and I have a tradition of getting up early saturday mornings, making a huge breakfast and watching HGTV. Quite often a dangerous tradition because we get inspired to change everything in our house. Not necessarily because it needs it, but driven by pure creativity. I made this quiche last saturday. It is one of those recipes, like  pizza, where you can add or take away ingredients as you please. I found the recipe {Here}. There is a great recipe for gluten free crust also listed. I added a sprinkle of bacon bits. If you have a deep tart pan you may need to use a few extra eggs. The recipe calls for five. I used seven. In total this recipe took under 45 minutes including cook time. It was perfect for our lazy saturday morning. 


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