Wednesday, August 17

Hot August Nights

I have been coming up to Tahoe for about 10 years now. Wow, has is really been that long? As long as I have been coming up here I have always wanted to go to hot august nights. For those of you that don't know, hot august night is a week long festival... well, more like a rally, where thousands of people flock to enter their old car in to a multitude of events. There are drag races and soc-hops. It feels like a scene from the movie Grease..."Tell me about it, stud". My new friend Jack, a super awesome old man who has been coming to hot august nights since it started, told me the cars must be older than 72'. In 73' cars had be smogged, which changed the way cars were built. 

We entered my Dad's 1948 Mercury Woody. My Dad Has done such a great job restoring this beauty... go Dad. The best part was the nightly parade. We had had a hoard of candy to throw to the kids. Lets be honest, with my aim, it was more like throwing candy AT kids. 

Many of the participants dress up in 50's attire. I have just recently started watching Mad Men, which I must admit was wholly and completely the inspiration for this outfit. Like {this} one on January Jones aka Betty Draper. The dress is 50's vintage. I actually got it at the same vintage store as {these}. Add a classic red lip and a scarf and it feels like I am at the office with Peggy Olsen and Joan Harris. 

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