Friday, August 5

Office Renewal

I am super Excited for this weekend! Tonight we will be going to the Late Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. The venue is a beautiful outdoor amphitheater where most pack pic-nic dinners. We will join in the pic-nic and I can't wait to share the photos with you next week. Saturday we are leaving for a mini camping trip which I am equally excited to share pictures. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. TGIF

 My husband and I moved in to our condo nearly 2 years ago. We have slowly been redecorating out home. (Pictures to Come) In the past couple of weeks my work schedule had been crazy, which got me thinging, its time for a new home office. As of now, my office is dark and uninspiring. I hope to transform my office in to a fresh, airy space with an eclectic feel. The following are some things I am keeping in mind while I gather ideas. 



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