Wednesday, September 21

Pieces of Me

Jewelry is often seen as just an accessory, but if you have the right piece it can make the whole outfit. I love statement pieces because usually each statement piece has it's own unique story. Some of my favorite jewelry to wear lately is metal tone and multi colored pieces. Here is a collection of some of my favorite pieces and the stories behind them.
Hand-made glass beads from Murano, Italy. I got these on my recent trip to Venice. I love them because you usually don'y see square edges to glass works. When the glass is made it is liquid so there had to be a constant flow of motion. I imagine the tinny squares were super difficult to create. 

Vintage European coin bracelet. Buying this bracelet was pretty humorous. I purchased it for less than the value of the actual coins that are on the bracelet. It's like buying money for less than what it is worth. Good Investment, no? 

My Dad got this for me in India when I was 14. I love this purse so much I have held on to it ever since. 

Birthday present from Drew a couple of years ago. Isn't he good!? 

I love this piece because although it is chunky the small beaded texture makes the necklaces appear dainty.

Hand made by my cousin Rachael. See her art {Here}

One of my favorite neon pieces. you can see me wearing it {Here}

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