Friday, September 16

Clever Collage

My husband, Drew, and I have lived in our house for about two years now. Everything has slowly come together. For an equal amount of time we have stared at this empty space above our couch. We have not filled this space because honestly we can't really figure out what to put there, one big peace, 2 medium pieces or a collage of art. We finally settled on the collage. Since we wanted the collage to look somewhat uniform we bought a calendar with twelve unique art pieces for each month. Since we love to travel, so these vintage travel advertisements were perfect for us. We cut each picture to the size of the frame and hung using 3M picture hanging strips, a great way to NOT damage your walls. 



Use glass plate to outline the picture. 

Although this project can be handled with one person, I thought I'd enlist some help.

These clever no-stick strips save my life. They are awesome if you are a renter and don't want to put holes in your wall. 

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