Monday, October 24

Maxi Dress Turned Maxi Skirt

One of my favorite trends this fall is the maxi skirt. Owning a maxi-skirt in every color would be a-ok with me; on the other hand, it may get a little excessive. For the sake of saving room in my closet and money in my wallet I opt for getting creative. For this look I layered a graphic tee over a mustard maxi-DRESS and belted the waist to create definition. Turing a maxi dress in to a maxi skirt is a simple closet trick anyone can conquer. So before you go run out and buy a maxi skirt in every color, rethink was is already in your closet, you may surprise yourself. 

Photos taken by Miss Lauren Louise of East West Photography 

xo Sarah 


  1. These outfit is rockin' and I love the inspiration of turning my maxi dresses in to maxi skirts. I am with you 100% on wanting to run out & buy maxi skirts in every colour but also dont think my wallet and wardrobe would appreciate it. I have tonnes of maxi dresses however so have some new fantastic inspiration for outfits. Thanks for sharing.

    Anna xo

  2. I love your outfit and the little dog!!!

  3. I really love your blog - I think it's really inspirational.



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