Monday, November 7

Braided Necklace

This is my very first DYI Jewelry project.  Okay, maybe not my very first. When I was in junior high  my sister and I used to make necklaces from coke tabs. We thought they were so cool, until they started to turn our skin green, that is. Venturing in to my second DYI piece of jewelry  I wanted to make a semi-chuncky (not sure if that is an official term)  necklace that was girly yet tough. I used ribbon and pearls for the girly, and chains and leather for the tough. It was a perfect combination. I found all of these supplies, including the clasp, at Michaels. If you try, leave a comment and let me know what materials you used. 
                                                                    xo -Sarah


  1. You did a fabulous job! I love the contrast of the feminine pearls with the chain. Gives it a cool twist on a classic.


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