Saturday, February 25

Its Been too long

Hi friends. It has been far too long. The last time I posted was over two months ago. Eeeek. Over the past two months we have been in the process of relocating. Drew, Teddy, and I packed up and moved to the beautiful city of Malibu, California. Moving is such a daunting task. I never realized how many nick-nacs I have stuffed in to various drawers until I had to pack them all up.  From the day we found out we would be moving we had four days to pack our entire home and be in Malibu. I don't think I have ever had so caffeine as in those four days. Although the process was crazy, we made it in one piece.

Malibu is a great little beach town right outside of Los Angeles (I feel a city guide coming on). I wasn't  sure of what to expect when moving to Malibu, but everyone is so welcoming and kind. In reality the city is only 13,000 people so it is quite small. I am slowly getting acquainted to all the local shops and people. it is so exciting to be in a new place and explore, get lost, and find new treasures. In some aspects I like moving because it gives me the opportunity work with a blank canvas. New people, new places all add to big picture.

We have been slowly getting our town-house together. Little by little each room is starting to feel like home. We left some of the furniture in our old place because it would fit awkward in the new place. Mostly, we left behind my office furniture. This means I get to play. Designing my new office space is so exciting. In an earlier post {Here} I mentioned some of my office space inspiration. So excited to get started.

 To be honest, I have really missed writing White Like Sage. I am excited to start this new chapter in our life and share it with you. Here are some pictures over the past couple of months....

XO, Sarah 

{the beautiful light that comes in our living room}
{Drew and I at the Malibu farmers market. Sundays 8am- 3pm}
{Malibu bluffs}
{Teddy has found his inner calling to be a beach dog}
{my slow transition back to blond}

{Marmalade cafe, best place to grab some breakfast}

{Teddy sleeping in. He was exhausted from his new found love of chasing birds on the beach}

{The best kite in the world. Godzilla}

{Because I love my readers. Thanks for following}


  1. Welcome back Sarah!!! The city guide sounds promising! Beautiful pics!

  2. I love Marmalade Cafe! It's a must for me when i'm in LA!


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