Thursday, March 24

Desert People

By Sarah Newman

Drew, our friend kyle, and I traveled to the desert today; Palm Desert to be exact. It always amazes me how pretty the desert can. The desert reminds me so much of home (I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico). On the way down the mountain we pulled in to a lookout area and got to explore a bit. The best part was climbing the rocks in my 3 inch clogs, and surviving to tell about it. I was excited to match the scenery. I didn't plan it, but it worked great. The nude tones brought out the tans and browns in the rocks and sand. The blue polka-dots reflected the cartoon like clouds. All and all, it was a beautiful day.

<< DREW >>

The look: Forever 21 Blouse, H&M Jockey Skinny, Charlotte Ruse: Clog 

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