Tuesday, August 30

Fresh From the Garden

Growing up our family had chickens, goats and a beautiful vegetable garden. It was basically a small farm. Every once and a while we would wake up saturday morning, get a hot chocolate and head to the Corrales Farmers Market. At the farmers market we would sell a verity of goods such as tomatoes, green beens and eggs. Having these memories, I developed a fondness of going to local farmers markets. On Saturday I went to the Temecula Valley Farmers Market. The Temecula area is known for  its avocados; so naturally, I found plenty of avocado based goods. My favorite? Avocado Honey from the Temecula Valley Honey Company. I also picked up some fresh flowers and an interesting new fruit called Pluots. They taste like a mixture between plumbs and peaches. I'm thinking about using them in a fall sangria I want to make. 


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