Wednesday, August 3


{Venice}- Traditional Gondolas 

Over the past couple of months I have been traveling quite a bit. At the end of may I departed on a 17 day European tour. Although 17 days seams like a long time it flew by. In those 17 days We saw so many things and met so many people. Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing tidbits from my trip. Enjoy!


Italy is a beautiful country that actually reminded my a lot of my home in California. We traveled fromVenice to Roma, from Roma to Monte Carlo, from Monte Carlo to Florence. The Italian People were passionate and lovable, the art was breathtaking, and the food was amazing.  I think I had a mixture of pasta, Pizza and Gelato everyday. The only bummer part of the trip was we only spent a day or two in each spot. I would love to go back to Italy and absorb the Italian way. 

Caio Bella 


{Winery}- an amazing winery and wine tasting. 

{Florence} - The Lovers lock. Lovers lock their lock on to this chain and throw the key in to the adjacent river. These locks symbolize their everlasting love. 

{Venice}- Venetian Masks

{Venice}- The Grand Canal


{Venice}- Fresh fruit stand. Coconut and cherries 

{Rome}- Gelato 

{Rome}- Scooter City 


 {Monte Carlo}

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