Friday, September 2

Flower Power

I love flowers; but really, what girl doesn't like flowers? As I mentioned in my previous post, Fresh From the Garden, I love to keep fresh flowers around the house. As fall and winter near it is hard to find super colorful, lasting flowers. So, I opt for the second best choice, Faux flowers. I they are indeed colorful and last. I especially love the purple and green jewel tones seen below. They look great with my September Vogue. There only a few simple steps in making your own flower arrangement. 

You'll need

1. Tin or Mason Jar
2. Floral Foam 
3. Wire Cutters 
4. Flowers of your Choosing 

Step one: Find floral foam to fit your jar or tin. If you can not find any that fits perfect it is really easy to cut down to size. You want it to fit snug so the flowers don't move around. 

Step two: Use your wire cutters to cut individual flowers off the bouquet . 

Step three: Measure how tall you want your bouquet. I usually cut them down to exactly the base of the flower. 

Step four: Insert flower stems diagonally so they rest on the edge of the rim.  

Step five: Insert the rest of the flowers so they form a tight cluster. 



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