Monday, September 5

Rules are made for Breaking

I know you've heard the old rule; no white after Labor-Day. Although this old rule has been around for quite some time, no one really knows its origin. The most common explanation is a practical one. Before the 1920s, when this rule was created, white clothing was used as a way to cool down in the summer months. When the winter months rolled around women would wear darker clothing to avoid mud stains. This Myth is also linked to a symbol of status. The elite in society had the means to coordinate their clothing for the seasons. The most elaborate contrast took place in summer and winter with the colors white and black. The no white after Labor Day rule was mostly thought as formal etiquette in the 60s and 70s.

Thankfully this old rule is completely outdated.  I personally love white after Labor Day, specifically in winter. The clean crisp look of white reminds me of the first snow. Not only does Labor Day celebrate workers all over the world, but it also commemorates the beginning of fall. Just because summer is over doesn't mean your love of white has to be! 

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