Friday, September 23

Mason Jar Madness

There is nothing I love more than taking an item and using it in a complete unusual way. The use of mason jars is a perfect example. Mason jars are not just a canning supply anymore; they are used in home decor, food presentation, among countless other things. I have a plethora of Mason jars used around the house, one seen {Here} and {Here}.  Mason Jars are extremely inexpensive, and can be used to imaginations limit. Mason jars don't necessarily have to be purchased though. I commonly reuse jam and spaghetti sauce jars. It's not only is an opportunity to recycle, but also a great way to create variety in shape and size. It's funny how ordinary household items can be used in so many inspiring ways. Here are a few photos that inspire me to get more creative with mason jars.  


All photos found on Pinterest

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  1. These are amazing photo inspirations. We used mason jars for our wedding and placed sunflowers in them. :)


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