Wednesday, October 19

Homemade Pop-Tarts

As kids it was a rare occasion when we were allowed to have Pop-Tarts. Pop-tarts... the kid contraband. At the grocery store we would try to see who could sneak a box in the cart with out getting caught? Usually mom would catch us; but every once and a while, she would let it slide and pretend she didn't see us sneaking them in. I made this homemake pop-tart with my Mom in mind. Thank you for caring enough about us to not let us eat these ALL the time. More importantly, thank you for letting some slide. The thing I love about {This} recipe is once you have the pastry down you can fill your pop-tart with basically anything. I used cinnamon sugar, Nutella, and Strawberry Jam. They paired perfectly with a fresh cup of coffee. 



  1. They look delicious!! and the pics are amazing!I have to try myself...
    xo, Clochet.

  2. They look delish! I'm craving a nutella one now!
    Ooh and the pop tart box is so cool! Where did you get it? Did it come in a pop tart box?

    Melody x


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